KeyScore – Documentation

Welcome to TimperScore

TimperScore is a full-featured digital sheet music library with unique features. TimperScore reads music and can follow along as you play automatically turning the page. No more need for a bluetooth pedal! No need to purchase specialized music that only works with TimperScore. Import your own scores and automatic page-turning works just like a human page turner, following at your tempo, even if it varies as you play. Perfect playing is not required! TimperScore tracks your playing even minor variances and missing notes.

Automatic page-turning and other smart features require a subscription to ProFeatures. This includes: page-turning, smart music-scanner, video-export, audio recording and smart playback. Try ProFeatures for free for a month!

Even without ProFeatures, TimperScore provides a complete app for managing your digital sheet music. Import your own scores from email, the cloud, the web and other locations. View your music in portrait, landscape, or by half pages. Organize scores by composer, title, genre, keywords, or recently played pieces. Annotate your scores and use the built-in metronome, tuner, and keyboard.

Let’s Get Started

TimperScore comes pre-loaded with several sample scores so you can try things out. Page turning and recording work with these scores even without an active subscription to ProFeatures. The tutorial below should be followed using Scarborough Fair, which has already been “set up” (more on that later).

  1. Dismiss this help view by tapping outside the help window. Or, if you in the libary view, click the back, icon in the upper left.
    • You can return to help view by tapping . Ensure Welcome is selected at the top to get back here.
  2. Tap to tell TimperScore to track your playing and turn the page automatically.
    • You must grant TimperScore access to the microphone, so it can hear you play.
  3. As you play, the line indicator on the left will advance as TimperScore follows your playing.
  4. When you reach the last line of the page, the upper half of the second page will be shown.
  5. As you continue playing and are fully on the second page, the first page will disappear.
  6. Stop the Tracking at any time by tapping anywhere on the score.