TimperScore – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I load my music into TimperScore?

It depends on where the PDF or sheet music starts off. Here are some common situations:

Pushing PDFs from Mail, Safari, or other apps

TimperScore can accepts PDFs from other apps such as Mail, Safari, Dropbox, and so on. Typically, a long-press (such as for Mail) or export button (tap iOS Share) will bring up choice of apps. Select “TimperScore” from the list of apps and the PDF will be sent to TimperScore.

Using the Camera

A quick an easy way to important music is to capture a photo of your sheet music right from within TimperScore. Tap and then take a photo of each page. TimperScore has built in intelligence to identify the music on the page and clean up the photo so it looks like a perfect professional scan. Check out these before and after shots.

Built-in Browser

TimperScore includes a built-in browser with quick access to popular sites such as IMSLP. After navigating to the PDF, tap the “Import” button and the score will be loaded.


Using native iOS facilities, you can also import PDFs from iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, and other locations that have been set up on your device.

Can TimperScore turn the page for any music score?

Yes, we do not restrict the ability to only our scores. TimperScore reads the music by analyzing the PDF image itself and then listens to your playing. When you get to the end of the page, it will automatically turn the page for you. Check out the tracking demo under Videos or follow the instructions in the Welcome page. Single staff and grand staff notation are both accepted as is triple staff music that is common in popular music. Although TimperScore can process duets (such as piano and violin), it currently does not accept orchestral scores or ensembles of 3 or more instruments. The Track feature also understands repeats and directions such as Da Capo.

Can I still use my foot pedal?

Yes, TimperScore can turn the page using standard BlueTooth pedals.

Can I scan my music books into TimperScore?

Yes. Scanning your music and importing it into TimperScore is a great way to digitize your physical music library. You can use TimperScore’s camera feature as a quick and easy alternative to a flatbed scanner, but if you want the highest quality documents and are willing to spend the time, a flatbed scanner supporting at least 600 DPI is the way to go. See the Reference manual for Scanning Tips.