Precision instrument tuner!
Works for all instruments
iPhone & iPad

KeyTuner is a full-range accurate and easy to use chromatic tuner that gives clear feedback with a visual design that makes maximum use of the screen. A consistent horizontal display for fine and coarse tuning allows easy tracking of the needle as a note is played. The display is suitable for both tuning and intonation practice. Quick mode provides fast confirmation in live situations. Tone generation is also supported for droning.

An advanced digital algorithm is used to allow precise tuning of all instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass, plucked string, etc). Many tuners have difficulty with low registers or those with many overtones but KeyTuner employs algorithms specifically aware of harmonic distributions. By taking advantage of the real-time behavior of multiple waveforms, vibrato can be detected and is shown as a highlighted region around the needle.

  • Accuracy of 0.1 cent (0.001 semitone)
  • Works with all instruments from A0 to C8
  • Large easy-to-read meter for fine tuning
  • Space efficient display for coarse tuning
  • Quick mode for easy adjustments
  • Color schemes: Light, Warm, Dark
  • 3 levels of needle dampening to control responsiveness
  • Temperament selection: Just, Equal-Tempered, Strings
  • Supports transposing instruments
  • Tone/drone generation
  • Concert Pitch (A4) calibration