Can I scan my music books into TimperScore?

Yes.  Scanning your music and importing it into TimperScore is a great way to digitize your music library.  You can use TimperScore’s camera feature as a quick and easy alternative to scanning, but if you want the highest quality documents as possible a scanner is the way to go.    Believe it or not, even with a good scan, TimperScore will be able to clean it up after you input it to make it look perfect.  Here are some tips for scanning music:

When scanning a music score or any black and white text document, a few simple tips will keep the file size under control while providing maximal clarity. Use a resolution between 300 DPI and 600 DPI. Make sure the paper is well-aligned so that the rotation is kept to a minimum. Enable deskewing if available. Choose a bounding box that leaves just enough margin to avoid any cropping. While the standard A4 target rectangle is often good, try to mostly maintain the original aspect ratio. Finally and most importantly, make sure the scan is monochromatic and not grayscale. On Epson scanning software, this mode is often called “Text”. An indication of “Black and White” can mean grayscale for certain brands as the phrase can refer to black and white photos rather than a true black and white pixel representation. For Canon scanner, choose a Color Mode of “Text Enhanced.”

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Can TimperScore turn the page for any music score?

Yes! Autoscore reads the music and listens to you play. When you get to the end of the page, it will automatically turn the page for you. Say goodbye to those bluetooth foot pedals!

Autoscore uses Optical Music Recognition (OMR) to read the PDF or image that you’ve loaded into the app. Then it can easily follow along as you play. Just open the score, tap the Track Button and start playing. Check out this video demo.

How can I load my music into TimperScore?

There are two basic ways to load music into TimperScore: send a PDF to TimperScore  using iOS or capture a photo of your music from within TimperScore.

Using the Camera

A quick an easy way to important music is to capture a photo of your sheet music right from within TimperScore.  Tap  and then take a photo of each page.  TimperScore has built in intelligence to identify the music on the page and clean up the photo so it looks like a perfect professional scan.  Check out these before and after shots.

Sending PDFs

TimperScore can import PDFs.  If you have a PDF on your device, you can share it with TimperScore by tapping .  Then simply select TimperScore and your scope will be imported.  You can do this by emailing or iMessaging yourself a PDF and sending it to TimperScore from those apps.   You can do this from iOS Safari if you’ve downloaded a PDF.  And quickest of all, you can airdrop to your iOS device and send it directly to TimperScore.


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